• Spindle Lift Table HL500

    Exclusively with removable crank for use with cordless screwdriver Millimetre accurate height adjustment via spindle and hand crank Maintains position even when not used for longer periods, does not sink the way some hydraulic lift tables can do No loss of oil possible Particularly robust, hardwe...
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  • Drum Truck WA30B

    lifting height 780 mm - Spring mounted clamp securely grips any drum edge - Low chassis for positioning under pallets - Ensure efficient drum handling - High lifting height Product description For steel drums with a diameter of 572 mm. Powder coated. Spring mounted clamp securely grips any drum e...
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  • HARDLIFT New Item Spring Activated Lift Table SP / SPS Series

    Product description Lift tables with a spring balance automatically maintain their height during order picking. Alternating loads are compensated by the spring force. The easy to rotate surface moves the goods to the worker without forcing the worker to overstretch. This makes work easier and les...
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  • Hardlift Crane Forks CY Series

    Item No. CY10, CY15, CY20, CY30 Certified by SGS CE EN 13155:2003+A2:2009, EN ISO 12100: 2010 Each of the CY Series crane forks that you purchase from Hardlift get the PICC insurance.   Crane forks are a hook suspended piece of lifting equipment used to lift pallets of equipment in areas of ...
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